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Surface Area Analyser is available in 2 models SMART SORB 92 is a manual version and SMART SORB 93 is computerised version. SMART SORB 93 comes with latest Windows Based, user friendly Software. Print out of the final result in graphical and text format is possible.

Based on Single Point, Dynamic BET Method
Fully Indigenous
Meets ASTM D-3037, ISO S4652, IS 877, 2752 and USP - 24 Standards
Wide range of Surface Area Measurement
High Accuracy, Reproducibility
High Speed Analysis (10/15 minutes)
Low cost Analysis
Electronic Integrator for direct readout of Surface Area
Pore Volume can also be measured.

PRINCIPLE : Regenerated sample exposed to Nitrogen gas at liquid Nitrogen temperature adsorbs Nitrogen and forms a single molecular layer of Nitrogen on the surface of the powder. Surface area can be calculated by measuring the volume of Nitrogen adsorbed using a modified single point BET equation based on theory by Brunauer, Emmet and Teller.

OPERATION : Sample is first regenerated to remove the adsorbed gases & moisture from the surface. Mixture of Helium gas (70%) and Nitrogen gas (30%) is passed over the sample in the tube. Sample is then dipped in liquid Nitrogen. Sample powder adsorbs Nitrogen on the surface at liquid Nitrogen temperature. After confirming that adsorption is over, sample tube is dipped in the water. This leads to desorption of adsorbed Nitrogen from sample, which is quantitatively determined using a Thermal Conductivity Detector coupled with an in-built Electronic Integrator.

Range : 0.1 m/gm-2500m/gm
Reproducibility : Better than 3%
Accuracy : Better than 5%
Analysis Time : Around 10-15 minutes/sample
Power : 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions : 45 cm (l) x 25cm (b) x 35cm (h)
Weight : 10 kg

Applications :
Useful for Quality & Process control of

  1. Catalysts & Adsorbents

  2. Powdered Pharmaceutical Drugs

  3. Pigments for Paints

  4. Fillers for Rubber (Tyre/Cable) Industries

  5. Dispersed Dyes

  6. Powder Metallurgy

  7. Fillers for Dry Batteries

  8. Cement Industries

  9. Ceramics & Refractories




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